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Classic Rock Florida Radio is SHE WSHE Miami Radio


Classic Rock Florida SHE Radio-South Florida applauds the return of SHE Radio to the local radio market, Re-Branded and owned by Tanner Communications.
WSHE Miami Ft Lauderdale Radio formerly on the frequency of 103.5FM,WSHE radio station's slogan was She's Only Rock'n Roll for many years as most floridians remember.
Classic Rock Florida,SHE radio is again South Florida's classic rock radio station broadcasting on the internet.
ShesOnlyRockNRoll is South Florida's Home for Rock n Roll.
WSHE baseball jerseys,WSHE Tee shirts,WSHE license plates and the popular window decal that reads Shes Only Rock'n Roll sticker that you put in the rear window of your car are all available.
South Floridas classic rock radio station SHERadio broadcast's a wide variety of classic rock artists, deep album cuts of music such as The Who,The Rolling Stones,Eddie Money,Van Halen,Elton John,Frank Marino,Chicago Transit Authority and more.
Former SHE Radio WSHE deejays Paul Castronovo,Sonny Fox,Randy Thomas,Cory James,Robin Martin,Gary Martin,Skip Herman,Jim Mcbean to name a few.
Remember Neal Mirsky WSHE program director 1980? Remember WSHE deejay Joe St.Peter? Remember WSHE deejay Ron Hersey from 1980? SHERadio Davie Florida Trailer Park & Surf 16 WSRF AM Radio.
WSHE-FM 103.5 classic Rock South Florida radio pioneers Tom Judge,Gary Granger,Gary Martin,John Ford,Nancy Gettle, Doug Mitchell,Ron Brothers and More.
Florida's Classic Rock Heritage WSHE SHE Radio is focused on the original format of album rock as it began way back in 1971. Complete album sides of deep cuts of rock and roll.The WSHE call letters have been applied directly toward the stations name/identity.
SHERadio has brought back the classic signature lineup for South Florida, like Double Shot Tuesdays, Electric Lunch, Psychedelic Sunday, and More.